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Another delicious savoury breakfast option, based on a wonderful, warming broth to help heal and seal the gut lining.

This is a traditional Vietnamese Pho, made with beef broth flavoured with aromatics (onion, star anise, ginger, cinammon, cloves, coriander seed and peppercorns). Add finely sliced raw beef, red onion, spring onion, Thai basil, fresh coriander, beansprouts, chilli and lemon to taste. The beef cooks to a perfect medium rare in the heat of the broth.

Pho is traditionally served with rice noodles, but these can be omitted for those eating low carb, paleo or keto style meals. Throw in some brocollini or other green vegies to boost the goodness in this delicious dish.

For those who don’t fancy hot breakfasts, this is equally delicious for lunch or dinner. Bon appetit!