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It’s cold and flu season in Australia. The perfect time to support your immune system with some delicious homemade Fire Cider.

Apple cider vinegar, brown onion, red onion, garlic, ginger, horseradish, tumeric, carrot, celery, apple, rosemary, thyme, orgeno, green and red chillis, lemon. Cover the chopped ingredients with the apple cider vinegar and place in a darkened cupboard for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, add a little local honey (for best antihistamine benefits) and drain off the liquid.

The vinegar can be taken as a digestive and immune boosting tonic – 5mls to 15 mls per day, or a bit more if you have a cold or flu.

If you don’t enjoy it straight (I LOVE it straight), you can dilute it into a tea, or use it as a salad vinegar. Blitz up the seperated solids to make a tasty and fiery immune-boosting paste to add to your curries, soups or stir-fries.. Nom nom.

The recipe can be varied so don’t get too caught up on the exact ingredients. This is one of my favourite combinations, but I also love it with orange as well as lemon. There are plenty of variations to this recipe out there, so find what suits you best, and enjoy!