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Playdates don’t have to mean junk food. Offer a platter with a range of healthy choices and you will likely be pleasantly surprised by how much is gobbled up. This entire platter was demolished by two young girls .and their mums (that would be Sophie and one of her besties…plus me and her bestie’s mum). Include some vegies, fruit, protein and healthy fats to get a great range of healthy nutrients and satisfy hungry tummies.

This platter contains capsicum (red peppers)- olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, chicken, rice crackers, mandarin, apples strawberries and a dip made with Dijon mustard and whole egg mayo, but you can mix it up with whatever takes your fancy. I’ve found that little bits of lots of things tends to be better received than a plate with larger portions of just one or two things. Why not try this out next time you have littlies come to visit?